How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally

How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Black Ants

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Do you loathe ants as much as I do? If you landed on my blog, chances are you are looking for more natural remedies to get rid of them. Since moving out to the country, creepy crawlies have become more of a problem in our home. These ants can be tiny, sometimes huge, and they bite!

This article will teach you how to get rid of ants naturally.

How Do I Stop an Ant Infestation?

It’s crucial that you stop the infestation as soon as you witness any evidence of ants inside your home. I generally spot them as soon as they start making a presence.

Understand the Habits of the Ants

Learning the habits of the ants that are cohabiting with you is a great first step to eliminating them (hopefully) forever! Yes, wishful thinking, I know. Are the ants searching for food during the day? At night? Where are the nests located? Some nests are located within wooden walls, bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioners, heating units, or frames of your home. Understanding and studying their behaviour will help you tackle this problem as quickly as possible.

Use A Vinegar Spray Along All of Their Entry Points

If using chemicals in your home is also a no-no, you can try using vinegar as an alternative. Vinegar has a very strong odor and may deter them from entering your home in the first place. Did you know that vinegar can confuse the ants by stopping their main method of communicating?

Simply add one cup of vinegar and one cup of water into a spray bottle and shake the ingredients. You are now ready to spray the diluted vinegar on the entry points and begin tackling those pesky little creatures! Always test a small area first to make sure the vinegar formula won’t make any damages.

Block The Ants Entry Points

If at all possible, plug the holes and cracks with sturdy materials to protect against the ants from coming back in. Ants will nevertheless find ways to get back into your house as long as there is food inside. I like to store food and cereals in plastic containers to keep them out of our food. Also, make sure you keep your counters tidy and crumb free!

Use Borax and Sugar As Bait (My favourite recipe)

Borax can be found in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Borax can eliminate ants by destroying their digestive system.

To make this simple bait recipe, mix one part borax with three parts of sugar and store in a glass container. I also like to add a bit of warm water. Than I simply shake the mixture, absorb the mixture into a cotton ball, and place the cotton balls in the locations where the ants are found (make sure to keep the cotton balls in areas where your pets and young children can’t have access to it). Generally, the worker ants will bring the bait back to the colony and share it with the queen and remaining ants.

Keep Your Home Clean

Ants won’t ever leave your home until it is clean. Keep every room in your home neat and tidy and store food in containers. Vacuum daily if possible, and you should not have any crumbs on the floors as this will attract the ants.

Use Cinnamon as Bait

Cinnamon won’t actually kill the ants but the odor will act as a deterrent. The cinnamon will help prevent more ants from entering your home. Simply sprinkle the powder next to all the entry points in your home.

Use Cornmeal Close to the Ant Trails

Did you know that cornmeal is another natural remedy that can be used to treat minor ant infestations? The ants that eat the cornmeal will suffer from digestion issues and die. The cornmeal causes starvation in the ants and this leads to their demise. Adding sugar to your cornmeal mix will attract the ants even more.

Sprinkle the cornmeal and sugar mix near all areas where you observe the ants in your home.

Apply Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

An alternative to borax is food-grade diatomaceous earth. This is a white powder that kills ants. The powder dries out and disrupts the ants internal fluid balance. To the ants, the powder can feel like shards of glass.

Simply sprinkle the powder where the ants have been seen. The powder is safe, but do not inhale huge amounts of it.

Do you have a home made natural remedy to kill ants that you would like to share?


2 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally

  1. My brother has been having some major issues with ants coming into his home this summer. He’s lived in the same place for thirteen years and never experienced a previous issue with ants. His neighbour was getting the same problem too, so they worked out it was either a huge nest or several different nests all within a close area. It’s strange because it started in April when the weather was still very cool and the type of ants he was getting were not the average brown UK ant, but extra large black ants and that were extremely hard to kill, they escaped all attempts to crush them and also every baited ant poison he put down.

    They also didn’t appear interested in food, which was very odd… normally ants main interest for coming into the house is food. After trying many different poisons and natural home-made poisons… non of which worked… the worst being vinegar… it attracted them even more! He ended up trying some household cleaners, just small drops smeared across the floor were they were coming in. Miraculously he found Flash cleaner to be deadly to them. It didn’t stop them coming inside, in fact they seem to like it… but once they walked over it, it was instant death.

    It’s taken weeks of perseverance and many annoying ant invasions on the bathroom floor every morning, but finally he’s got to the point where he’s not seen any for over a week now. I don’t know if you have Flash cleaning products in the US? It’s made by Procter and Gamble. Sort of makes me wonder what is in the cleaner if it is so deadly to to even the most determined ants.😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! That is some very determined ants your brother had. It sounds worse than the ants I am dealing with. lol. I have never heard of Flash, I am living in Ontario, Canada so I don’t always have access to the products that the US have. Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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