5 Easy Frugal Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

5 Easy Frugal Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

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Who doesn’t love redecorating? I know I sure do, but I’m also very aware how expensive this can get. I love walking down the isles of IKEA and Home Sense, who doesn’t, right? If you are looking for inexpensive ways to refresh your home decor, you have landed on the right page. It doesn’t take a big chunk of money or major renovations to refresh your home whenever you feel the need to.

In this article, I have put together these 5 easy and frugal ideas you can do right away to give your home some sprucing up.

1. Say Bye To Clutter

No home refresh session can be done without a little organizing and decluttering first. Did you know that clutter is one of the main causes of stress in a home? I believe it. I understand first hand how clutter can be stressful and it can even raise my own anxiety levels. One of my favourite ways to declutter is to organize any loose items in pretty little baskets. I have baskets all over the house where I store items such as candles, remote controls, and pens. You can get creative with this and use baskets to store pretty much anything.

2. Get Organized

After you’re done decluttering, you’ll probably have a lot more space to organize. Shelves, in my opinion, are always a great way to do this. You can easily add shelves anywhere in your home. Closet shelves are another one of my favourite organization strategies.

3. Add Some Colour

Ok so, no need to go out and hire professional painters to start changing the entire colour scheme of your home. You can refresh any room in your house by easily adding some colour here and there. You can also purchase some new throw pillows for your sofa or change up your curtains. You can also add a new rug or change your duvet cover. There are so many simple ways to change up the look and feel of any room in your house, and it doesn’t need to be a major renovation project or break the bank!

4. Let The Light In

Once you’re done adding some colour, try finding ways to maximize daylight in your room. To easily brighten up any room, you can add a decorative mirror or two. The natural light will bounce off them and automatically make your room seem brighter and appear larger at the same time!

5. Bring The Outside In

It’s always nice to add some greenery around the house. Not only will a few plants freshen up your space, but did you know that they are also a natural mood booster? Bonus!

And if you don’t have a green thumb – no worries! Instead, you can try an artificial plant or flower arrangement. I have some in my own main floor bathroom and they look so pretty. You can find them at any dollar store or home decor shops. I have even found some at our local thrift shops and garage sales.

Do you have easy and inexpensive ways to refresh your home? Please share your ideas with my readers.


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