The Health Benefits Of Using Natural Deodorants

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Disclaimer: I have no formal training in nutrition, essential oils, or toxin free living. I am just a self taught mum who wants the best for her children and to share what works for my family, and what does not! Just because it works for my family it does not mean that it will work for you. Always consult with a professional if you are ever in doubt concerning the content written on my website. To read my full disclaimer, please see:

For the past several years, I have been using natural deodorants. The conventional brands were giving me horrible skin rashes, and burning of the skin. Also, I was exposing myself to harmful ingredients that could cause disease. After visiting the local health food store, I was able to find a large variety of deodorants that were able to suit my needs. After speaking with the knowledgeable staff, I left feeling educated concerning this important matter.

What is a natural deodorant?

– A natural deodorant is free of toxins. Examples of toxins are aluminum and synthetic (artificial) chemicals.

– Natural deodorants are free of parabens. What is a paraben?

Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas. These compounds and their salts are used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solutions, makeup, and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives.

Their efficacy as preservatives, in combination with their low cost, the long history of their use, and the inefficacy of some natural alternatives like grapefruit seed extract (GSE), probably explains why parabens are so commonplace. They are becoming increasingly controversial, however, because they have been found in extremely low concentrations in breast cancer tumours (an average of 20 nanograms/g of tissue).[3] Parabens have also displayed the ability to slightly mimic estrogen (a hormone known to play a role in the development of breast cancer).  No effective direct links between parabens and cancer have been established, however. Another concern is that the estrogen-mimic aspect of parabens may be a factor in the increasing prevalence of early puberty in girls”.

Source of Information:

– A natural deodorant can come in the form of a roll-on or a crystal.

– Natural deodorants can be found in Health Food Stores.

What are the health benefits of an aluminum free deodorant?

– By using a natural deodorant that does not contain aluminum, I am decreasing my exposure to ingredients that may cause disease and illness.

– Examples of such diseases and illnesses are breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and respiratory diseases.

– According to, aluminum in the brain may cause Alzheimer’s disease. It is also linked to Lou Gehrig’s disease, osteomalacia, anemia, glucose intolerance and Parkinson’s disease. Studies have not confirmed whether or not the aluminum that reaches the brain is absorbed through the use of antiperspirants.

What types of natural alternatives can I use?

– Natural deodorants use herbs to minimize body odour.

– An alternative deodorant will not use antiperspirants. An antiperspirant can block the body’s natural sweating ability.

– Examples of natural ingredients include lavender, sage, mineral salt, ammonium, and arrowroot powder.

Natural deodorants can become expensive, and may not fit into everyone’s budget.  After doing some research, I found a simple recipe to make it right at home.

Instructions to make a simple homemade natural deodorant:

  1. In a reusable and resealable container, mix 1 part baking soda with 6 parts cornstarch.
  2. Close the container and shake vigorously for about a minute, to thoroughly mix the two powders.
  3. Then dab a small amount to the skin of your armpits with a soft cotton cloth, cotton ball, or cosmetic applicator.  Apply as if you were lightly applying baby powder or cosmetic powder.

Source of Information:

To conclude, by using natural deodorants, I am decreasing my exposure to dangerous toxins and reducing my carbon footprint.

Do you use natural deodorants?


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